Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I Learned in Orlando

  1. Room service is golden, especially for breakfast. Waking up to bacon might be the best thing in the world, second only to cracking the spine in a new book.
  2. Mickey Mouse is everywhere. He's the friggin' Pope of Orlando.
  3. Don't call Mickey Mouse the Pope. People in Orlando will frown at you (and I suspect that's the same everywhere).
  4. If you have to fall sleep, you should try to avoid doing so during a standardized exam. Not only may it affect your scores, but your snoring will piss off the other test-takers.

Song of the Week

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Been So Long...

In the year that I haven't posted here, this is what has happened:

In June, I had a kidney stone. It was extraordinarily painful and took eight days to pass. I know, I know, TMI...but damn, it hurt. But that was nothing compared to what happened next.

On July 17th 2011, I was in a major car accident. The other vehicle ran a red light and was speeding. It T-boned the car I was in on my side. The car had to be cut apart to get me out. I fractured my foot and sustained head injuries. I am still receiving treatment for these injuries...which sucks.
The car accident has affected my daily life in pretty negative ways. For the longest time after, I could't function the way used to. I would want to lower the volume of the television and instead turn off the lights, for instance, and then stand there for a moment not understanding why the volume wasn't lowered. I misspelled everything, my speech was slurred, my cognitive skills went to shit...it was horrible. A lot of that is much better now thanks to time, therapy, and more time. I'm confident I'll continue improving.

In August, my cousin was born three months early. He weighed one pound, two ounces; he is still in natal ICU at the hospital.

In September...well, September was insane. So insane, I think I'll skip over it.

Actually, I think I'm going to pull a new moon and leave most of the winter months blank. Shit was cray.

In January, Panic! the parakeet died.

In February, Nana the parakeet died. Then my dog Poco died, which left me absolutely devastated. He was my best friend and to not have him here...

I didn't have long to mourn; three days later, a transformer in the neighbourhood blew, wires popped off, the surge traveled to my house, and it fried my wiring, the panel, my electronics, and the house nearly caught fire. Thankfully the only thing that burned was the television in one of the bedrooms; it actually stayed on the whole time it was on fire which, in retrospect, is hilarious.

Two days later my cat had to be rushed to the vet ER for an infection.

And here we are now. March 19th, 2012. So far, March has been fine. I have some exciting things in the works, including some college applications (keep your fingers crossed, eh?). I'm also still writing Mary, Full of Grace. It took me a long (long) time to revisit that story and an even longer time to get my writing mojo back. But it doesn't matter how long the journey took...

I'm back. Bring out the hookers and blow.