Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Explanation for my Absence

  • Three people I know were affected by deaths last week. I've been depressed
  • My little brother, light of my life, is moving to Florida next week and we'll be apart for two months
  • My friend (A) went through a tough time medically.
  • My best friend went through a coming of age situation, something every woman goes through usually, and the guy turned out to be an ass afterwards which devastated me. (This story has a happy ending though :) )
  • My other friend (B) is going through a tough time with her boyfriend...I am sooo close to going over there and kicking his arse. No woman should be treated that way. No human, really.
  • I sprained my ankle
  • My abusive ex stepfather is begging to be let into the family again. If he comes back I swear on a stack of bibles I will leave and never look back. 12 years of his shit was enough
  • The move to Florida is getting more worse with each passing day and I'm so frustrated

And there's more but some of it concerns other people that I know would not want me to mention their stuff on here. So that's it in a nutshell. No crocheting going on whatsoever in the past week or so. August has to be better. It HAS to be.

Since when is being 19 so hard? I should be out dancing with drag queens or something. Sheesh. Sooooooooooo I shall be back @ Cville in due time. And the SP package was sent out today, thank god! Sorry I am horribly late, dear.

I'm off to do some yoga. It's the only thing saving my mind lately.