Friday, August 31, 2007

Old Finished Works

My "Finished Objects" list was getting too long. I'm going to keep it to things I made in a month or 10-ish items; whichever is less.

Here is the rest of the list as of August 30th 2007; I'll be updating this same post over time.

Finished Objects

Finger Scarf
Winged Shawl
Piggy Tail Hat
Meredith Necklace
Vibe Cozy II
Cigar Box Purse
"MMM MMM Pie" Bag (Post)
Rose And Lilith Bracelets (Post)
Teeny Tiny Purse (Post)
No-Cut Bag (Post)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Villa", "Pook", "Lovers" "Flower #6"

A few pieces of art I did last year. All are completed with the exception of "Pook" which is a work in progress.

Watercolour on 140 cold pressed paper
(I really wish I could remember the image/artist who inspired this. I'll look through my notes)

Pencil and Charcoal, July 2006

Acrylic, watercolour on 140 cold-pressed, June 2006

(My 5-year old cousin got to it minutes after I finished and got grease and two stains on it. Sigh.)

"Flower #6"
Charcoal pencil, August 2006

Update. That's Right. An Update.

*wipes dust off of blog* Testing, testing, is this thing still on?

Insert reasons for me being away here [___________]. Okay, now that you're done reading that, let's get on with it. I'm giving this blog a kick mostly because I've started crafting/producing art a lot more than I used to. That and I missed blogging. So here I am.

Now, my old pictures used to be kept on my old domain and I lost it so old pictures are lost. I've sold a lot of things I've made so that means no pictures of the past. :( Thankfully I have plenty of new things to show for my absence. I'll be posting things sporadically but will try to get in at least a post a week.

Now where did I put my scissors?