Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rose and Lilith
Gemstone and Swarovski Bracelets

These are two bracelets I made for sale. Rose comes with matching earrings. They will be put up on my online store, Saw Ocean, Felt Small when the site gets finished up.I'll link it here when it's done.

What? What was that? *cough* Did I finish my messenger bag? Or my cigar purse? Um...I don't know what projects you're talking about. *covers up WIP list* Okay I give up. No, I didn't finish those. But I just had to make these bracelets. The "Mmm Mmm Pie" bag is almost done anyway. I already started making the sides/straps. And now I'm off to make some hats! I mean work on the bags...yeah.

1 comment:

Deneen said...

The bracelets are so nice. I used to do beading, but stopped and got rid of all my supplies. Now with crocheting, I went and bought a bunch of bead supplies to make book thongs!

Love the pie bag!