Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wool Hurts

Oh my poor fingers. Oh. Oh. Ow. Oh. Yes, this is the first time I work with wool. I think I need band-aids.

So I found a UFO in some bag in my closet. It's a very early project:. I can tell because the sides are uneven. Because it's stripped I didn't want to frog it. Doing so would give me a few inches of yarn of each colour. Also, I think (THINK) it might have been a scarf but I did it in Caron SS and Red Heart together and holy shiitake, it's HEAVY! So, I decided to turn the mystery project into yet another bag. It came out better than the first, if I do say so myself. I just hope it's not too heavy to carry!

I'll post pics of it tommorrow.

Also, I am currently making little crocheted monsters and aliens. Plus, I picked up the knitting needles again. More on that tomorrow. Right now, I'm heading to bed.

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