Sunday, April 10, 2005

The "No Cut" Two Colour Bag

Done in two and a half hours. This was supposed to be something else but I increased too much and decided to let the piece decide what it wanted to be.

Crocheted in a spiral round with a K hook. Base is two colours (white acrylic and orange/white acrylic blend). I dropped the orange after 10 rounds and continured with the white. The bag was done in one piece (hence the "no cut" title). To make the straps : ch 32 from last row, sl st on opposite side. DC in chain and join with sl st on the side you began from.

The drawstring is just both yarns held together and chained with a I hook to make it thick and sturdy.

Voila! I'm not 100% pleased but it's a technique and idea to work on.

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