Friday, April 22, 2005

To Follow Patterns Or Not...

I have a confession to make: In my three years of crocheting I've only followed patterns about 3 times. I hate patterns! Well no, hate is a strong word. I think I just tend to rebel against them. I like crocheting one of a kind things. I like just making stuff up as I go along. But lately...well lately I've been aching to find a good easy pattern and just follow it. I think the true test of whether I'm a good crocheter or not will be if I can follow a pattern.

I understand patterns just fine, I can do most crochet stitches (even if I don't know any of their names haha), they just never appealed to me before. Well dammit, I'm going to try. So this is where my fellow crocheters come in:

Recommend a good pattern to me. I would prefer it be something relatively medium or small (in other words, not a king size afghan) and something I can make with regular acrylic yarn like Red Heart or Caron. If you do, you'll get to see my oh-so-funny progress. Expect to see posts on my blog like "What the hell does that mean??" "5th row? I only have three rows! Ahh crap!" "What the hell is a single crochet stitch?? Oh...oh. I knew that."

This is going to be oodles of fun.


Deneen said...

Here's an easy pattern, just substitute Red Heart Yarn 1 or 2 colors.

Then you can move on to shawl.

P.S. I don't even want to see the bibrator cozy when it's finished.

Jessica said...

Hehehe my cozy gets more attention than anything else I actually post about. I probably won't post the picture directly in my blog when I do finish it.