Thursday, April 28, 2005


I'll be making a few things for charities and my first project will be a piggy for Brendan.

After that I'll make a few squares for Heart Made blessings. I'm afraid I'll screw them up somehow or something. But it'll be for a good cause and I'm sure it can't be that hard. no need to make it an impressive square either. A regular granny works fine, right? Right!

I've been very blessed and while my childhood has been...rough I guess, the generousity of other made growing up in the bronx a pretty good experience overall. I'd like to give some of that happiness back now.

Two more things to add to my WIP list. I blame Crochetville. Yes I do <3

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~drew emborsky~ said...

It's hard to screw up a square for Heartmade Blessings! Make it 12 inches, weave in loooong ends and bless it with happy thoughts. :)