Thursday, April 14, 2005

I Finally Did It!

I did it! I finally did it! After years of not understanding, after years of trying to I can't believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, I have done what I said I could never do....

I tried to crochet a square, and got a triangle.

SCHWEET! Wait...hey don't walk away! Let me explain. See when many people learn to crochet, they make the mistake of making a stitch in the very very last loop that's on the side. Doing so adds an extra stitch each row which results in an increase...or something. Okay I can't really explain the mistake but crochters will know what I mean. Now, I was quite the perfectionist when I learned to knit and crochet (and I had 3 women around to teach me) so the increase problem never plagued me. In fact, I didn't understand how anyone could make that mistake. Now I do. *hugs fellow crocheters/knitters* Now that I have experienced your pain, the healing process can begin.

Actually, I didn't frog the work. Instead of making a hat, I am now making a messenger bag. I've stopped increasing so the triangular portion will simply be the flap. Why yes, I know I rock the casbah. Thank you for noticing.

Pictures of my beautiful accidental triangle will come tomorrow.

Also, I practiced a new stitch. The No no it's not called "the crap." I don't know the name of it. Basically you yarn over six times, push hoop through stitch, yarn over, pull hook through stitch, yarn over again and pull that last y/o through the other 8 loops on your hook. The effect is a very puffy, cute stitch. I've experimented with y/o up to 9 times. It's a bit hard at first but you get used to having to twist your hook a little quickly.

In other crafty news, someone please give me a boost to finish my "Magnifico Espana (Magnificent Spain)" cigar box purse. My mother has it on display on our bookcase and it gets a lot of compliments but honestly, it's not done. I really gotta finish her.

I'm going to finish my messenger bag now. :D

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Anastacia said...

Go finish your purse, and then inspire me to finish my pillowghan!