Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Empire For A Needle

Seriously, you heard it here first folks! I will give my entire empire* to the first person to get me a yarn needle or anything else I can weave in ends with.

My agoraphobia has really been on the fritz lately and all the LYS/craft stores are far from me. And I don't want to place an order somewhere just for a yarn needle. Sigh. I need to find somewhere to get one. Any ideas? I miss the plastic one I used to have. Sadly my aunt took it with her when she moved to Florida so now all my current projects have little ends sticking out or worse, *gulp* KNOTS. Oh heavens no!!

So I say again: My empire and my love to the first person who has an idea.

Note: My empire consists of 3 crazy cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish, 3 birds, 1 turtle, a few scraps of yarn, a copy of Edward Scissorhands, some beads, and all the cool crafts seen on this blog. Republicans need not apply (HAH! Kidding, kidding!).

1 comment:

Kari Holtz said...

Well I was gonna offer to send you a couple plastic needles but I don't know if you'd want them from a republican *sticks out tongue* hehe
If you still needs some, pm me on crochetville and let me know where to send them.