Monday, April 25, 2005

Finger Crochet

How to Finger Crochet/Knit

Now I'm sure everyone knows how to do this. The instructions will probably be more confusing and complicated than the actual task. :-p Still, I'm going to try to explain it as best as I can.

Basically you wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers in a figure 8. Truly this is finger knitting because you pull the older, lower loops overthe higher newer loops...but I like crochet better so there!
Also, this looks best with thicker yarns or two or three strand worked as one. I'm demonstrating with Caron Simply Soft for clarity.
1) Place the loose end of the yarn on the back of your hand. The end connected to the skein will be in your palm. The yarn should be between your middle and ring finger.


2) Bring the yarn up and between your middle finger and index finger


3) Wrap the yarn around index finger. The yarn will now be between your index and middle finger. You now have one loop around each finger.


4) Bring yarn over middle finger so that it's lying in your palm again.

Repeat above steps (2 and 3) so you now have two loops on each finger. The loose end should still be at the back of your hand while the end connected to the skein should be in your palm again

(view of back of hand)


5) Now here's the fun part! You'll be working looking at the back of your hand now.

Pull the bottom loops (the ones you made first) up and off your finger.

(see the lower loop?)

(pulling the lower loop over the top one)

(and pulling it completetly off the finger. YAY!)


6) Repeat the steps to make another loop on each finger. As always, the loose end should be at the back of your hand and the end connected to the skein should be in your palm between your middle and ring finger.

Repeat the process five times or so. Now take the loose end and bring it down to your palm. Give it a nice pull so the end tightens a bit. Continue finger knitting until you get the length you desire. It should look like this:

Now, that doesn't look like much but when you use a nice thick yarn (or more than one strand of worsted weight) you get a nice looking thick chain. Make a few chains and tie them togerther in random places (or don't tie them at all) to make an ultra cool scarf.

To finish a chain, pull it off your fingers. Knot it at the top and bottom with an over-hand knot (I usually do two to make sure it doesn't come apart in the wash or anything). Trim the ends.

Tigger modeling my Finger Knitted scarf I call "Floozey"

This scarf is made of five chains. Each chain is made up of one strand Lion Brand Terryspun (discontinued :( ) and one strand regular worsted weight yarn (forgot the name but I'm 92% sure it was Red Heart).

Hope you found this tutorial easy and fun. I wrote this up at 2am so I might be unclear. If you have any questions or comments, comment here or email me at JESilfa @

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~drew emborsky~ said...

Get out!! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen. How come I've never heard of finger crochet?