Sunday, April 24, 2005

My First Granny Square

I did it! I made my firstever granny square!! SQUEE!

It wasn't easy at all. Well, it was after I did my first but I'm the dumb ass who refuses to follow directions so I only skimmed the pattern and went off to my room to do it on my own For all I know what I made was a variation and not a standard/traditional one but's a friggin' square! SWEET! My friends tell me I'm working backwards. I don't think so. It's perfectly acceptable to make hats, scarves, bags, jewelry and throws before learning to make granny squares. Silly friends...

My mother wants to frame the granny square hehe. I actually ran into her room last night and woke her up just to show it to her. She told me she was proud. BTW, my mum doesn't crochet at all...she's more of a hammer and nails crafter and leaves the fibers arts to "you girls." :p

In other news I am so excited about the secret pal swaps on Crochetville. I'm already making a list of things to send my pal. It'll prolly change once I get their name and interests but I like making lists. It keeps me nice and organized.

I'll post a picture of my first granny square sometime today or tomorrow. Oh and Brandon, if you're reading this, an email should make it's way through cyberspace to you sometime today. :)

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Deneen said...

Congrats-boy do I hate making granny squares. I did my first one(s) for someone as a RAOK. They had on their C'ville list 6" afghan sqaures and I made two. I was so damn proud of myself. I found one freaking pattern out of about 100 I could actually figure out. I did make some squares for a comfortghan for someone, but did a funky cathedral window thing with edging. Came out great, but not a granny square. I avoid them at all costs!