Thursday, July 28, 2005

WIP - Pineapple Doily

WIP- Pineapple Doily

There are about 12 mistakes in this. Seriously. BUT I am still proud of myself. This was my first thread anything and it isn't done but at least it's somewhat consistent. And it feels...stable I guess. I dunno whether to cut off the thread and start over or continue it. What do you guys think? Oh and:
Vibe Cozy II

Yeah I finished that too. :) it isn't blocked or anything so it looks wonky. I'll finish it today I think.

Get it in gear!

Okay, no more mopey dopey Jess. I need to get my bum in gear and get busy!

  • I need to send out my reveal package for Summer Secret Pals (I'm late, I know!!!).
  • Start Soli's scarf
  • Finish up 2 doilies
  • Scan 5 projects to show off here
  • Locate where I put my I, K and 7 hooks
  • Finish up the last few rows of Seraphina.

Also THANK YOU LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laura V was my Secret Pal and she got me such wonderful things. Her reveal envelope was a gift certificate to Purl! EEEEEE! I could never afford anything from them before hahaha. I can't wait to go and browse and see what I'm going to buy. Maybe some Noro. I've wanted Noro for ages. *content sigh*

On the more personal front I was depressed because A) My little brother is going to Florida before the family so he can start school and B) My friends are having hard times right now and C) I'm going through a lonely/hard relationship thing myself and it sucks. BUT everything's working out. Our loan went through, we have three houses that are strong possibilities, Kyle is excited about starting school, my friends worked out their stuff and I've realized that 19 is too young to seriously worry about love. :p

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Not much crocheting. I've been sad. I feel empty and devoid of much. Well that's not true. I'm full of love. Is that what this is? Maybe.

Maybe I'm falling in love

Curse this broken heart of mine. More crocheting to come on Thursday. I'm working on a doily I want to show. There are soo many mistakes! Ahh well. Live and learn.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WIP- Vibe Cozy

WIP- Vibe Cozy

Yep I am making yet another one. This one is in Persipine and will be fulled/felted when it's done. This one will be small though since it's for a mini-vibe. Hahaha mini-vibe. I love saying that.

Also, for any of you that read it, I updated my writing blog. It's been forever and a day, I know. I apologize. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Scrap Yarn Eyeglass Case

Scrap Yarn Eyeglass Case

I made this a while ago out of scrap yarn and all those damn swatches you gotta make. It's just a whole lot of strips stitched together. It's double thick and padded. My glasses haven't broken even after throwing them in my bottomless pit (AKA my messenger bag) with books, cds, chopsticks and everything else I throw in there.

Monday, July 04, 2005

New Dyed Yarn




All three are Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Natural and dyed with Kool Aid. Persipine is the largest at just over 200 yards.

Mabel and Cameron didn't photograph very well (the sun changed direction on me). Mabel is shades of red, melon and pink while Cameron is bright yellow and green. Persipine is whole damn rainbow of pastel. I had a lot of fun dyeing and a HUGE shout out goes to my SP who got me all the kool aid, the yarn and the basters that made this project possible. Thank you!!

Obviously I haven't wound up Cameron and Mabel. I have no idea what to do with any of the yarn. My mother said I should just sell it haha. Any ideas on what projects to tackle with them?

Ps: Happy Fourth of July!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Vibrator Cozy

The Vibe Cozy

There it is in all its glory!! This is a very crappy picture of it though. Ahh well at least now you have proof they exist! It's 1 1/2 inches in diameter, 4 3/4 inches long. You can't see it well in this pic but the The tip is slighter wider because uh...well I'm sure you all know the male anatomy well. I have two of these made with Skacel Sizzle, one on Bernat Harmony and another in a lighter weight green yarn. Groovy,

Oh and also, SP, I just emailed you saying I didn't get your package but apparently when you speak of the devil he comes knocking on the door wearing a USPS uniform. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I got two (huuuuuuuge) skeins of Fisherman's wool and lots and lots and looooooooooooots of kool aid. And the best part: Basters!! Um is that what their called? Yeah those things! YAY! I can do colour changes much more easily. Now I won't make such huge messes when I dye. Thanks again Sp! *huggles*