Thursday, July 28, 2005

WIP - Pineapple Doily

WIP- Pineapple Doily

There are about 12 mistakes in this. Seriously. BUT I am still proud of myself. This was my first thread anything and it isn't done but at least it's somewhat consistent. And it feels...stable I guess. I dunno whether to cut off the thread and start over or continue it. What do you guys think? Oh and:
Vibe Cozy II

Yeah I finished that too. :) it isn't blocked or anything so it looks wonky. I'll finish it today I think.


rincaro said...

Hey! I have a ball and a quarter of red #10 crochet thread and the tiny needle that is the go-with. I also have the leftover beads that I used to make the snood. Would you like?

Jessica said...

Hey, yeah sure! That'd be great. Email me at :)

Deneen said...

Well aren't you going to have the best dressed vibrator in NYC! It kinda looks like a used condom--

Amy said...

Hey, my vibe is cold! Its a mini! Seriously. Are you my secret pal?
Disney character, single, hispanic..... Wait! Don't answer that! Then you'll never get around to sending a reveal package!
Just Kidding. I hope it's you. I've been reading your blog and you are a very cool person. Hope you feel better soon.

Lynlee said...

I don't see pineapples, but I like the spider-weby thing its got going on. Where'd you get the pattern?

Jessica said...

The pattern came for free when I bought the Aunt Lydia cotton thread from Herrschners. And yeah I haven't hit the pineapple part of it yet. I have about 40 rows to go hehe.

Lynlee said...

Ah, cool. At least I wasn't imagining pineapples where there weren't any!

Micky said...

Love the cozy!

Just dropping by to let you know I added your link to my blog. I have been reading you for a while, but just hadn't put you on there yet. I have been a very lazy blogger.