Thursday, July 28, 2005

Get it in gear!

Okay, no more mopey dopey Jess. I need to get my bum in gear and get busy!

  • I need to send out my reveal package for Summer Secret Pals (I'm late, I know!!!).
  • Start Soli's scarf
  • Finish up 2 doilies
  • Scan 5 projects to show off here
  • Locate where I put my I, K and 7 hooks
  • Finish up the last few rows of Seraphina.

Also THANK YOU LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laura V was my Secret Pal and she got me such wonderful things. Her reveal envelope was a gift certificate to Purl! EEEEEE! I could never afford anything from them before hahaha. I can't wait to go and browse and see what I'm going to buy. Maybe some Noro. I've wanted Noro for ages. *content sigh*

On the more personal front I was depressed because A) My little brother is going to Florida before the family so he can start school and B) My friends are having hard times right now and C) I'm going through a lonely/hard relationship thing myself and it sucks. BUT everything's working out. Our loan went through, we have three houses that are strong possibilities, Kyle is excited about starting school, my friends worked out their stuff and I've realized that 19 is too young to seriously worry about love. :p

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