Monday, July 04, 2005

New Dyed Yarn




All three are Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Natural and dyed with Kool Aid. Persipine is the largest at just over 200 yards.

Mabel and Cameron didn't photograph very well (the sun changed direction on me). Mabel is shades of red, melon and pink while Cameron is bright yellow and green. Persipine is whole damn rainbow of pastel. I had a lot of fun dyeing and a HUGE shout out goes to my SP who got me all the kool aid, the yarn and the basters that made this project possible. Thank you!!

Obviously I haven't wound up Cameron and Mabel. I have no idea what to do with any of the yarn. My mother said I should just sell it haha. Any ideas on what projects to tackle with them?

Ps: Happy Fourth of July!!


Cindy said...

The Mabel looks lovely.

Deneen said...

I am partial to the Persipine.

I would make a cool looking bag and full it, of course!

Alison said...

Is your mother mad? Sell it? NEVER! It's far too beautiful.

Sara said...

Seriously dumb question: I have considered the Lion Brand fisherman for my first forays into kool aid dyeing, but I hate the thought of having to undo the skein to make hanks. Is that what you did? do you have on of those yarn windy thingies?

PS: I like the Persipine