Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Venom

Let me start off by saying I love wi-fi. I adore wi-fi. I think it's the greatest thing since Susanna Hoffs did that sweet eye thing in the Walk Like An Egyptian video (SOTW, btw). The best part of Wifi is seeing the names assigned. Someone of them are boring. ITT's wi-fi is called ITT campus, for example. Not very creative. Sometimes I'll come across a few like "Sally's internet" or "Mike's wifi". The best, however, comes from right next door where one of my neighbours operate online as...The Venom.

Now, if you met my neighbours, you'd understand why this tickled me so. Neighbour #1 is a young father who plants individual grass blades and goes to medical school. Neighbour #2 is an insurance salesman who think his Bougainvillea is the most beautiful on the block. Despite their modest daytime personalities, I can't help but imagine one of them going into his computer room, turning off all the lights, rolling up his sleeves, and delivering a total beatdown to someone in Guild Wars or maybe WoW. Perhaps he's more of the Crysis type. Either way, game on, Venom. Game on.

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