Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mary, Full of Grace: Paper Dolls (5)

Her hair was pointing every which way, her cheeks were ruddy and her lips were pouted and wet. Her dress, her beautiful white lace tea-length dress, was ripped at the bodice, near the hips, and covered in mud.

Marianne stuttered a few times before managing to call out for Jimmy. She turned back to Mary. “Honey, what happened to your dress?”

Mary couldn’t hold her tears back and she began to sob, covering her face with her fists. She felt someone pry her hands away and she realized her father was kneeling in front of her a murderous look on his face. “Mary,” he said with a false calm, “you have to tell us why you’re crying.”

Mary hiccuped and shook her head. “You’re mad.”

“We’re not mad, are we Jimmy?” Marianne shot a pointed look at Jimmy who quickly shook his head and smoothed his features.

“I’m just worried about you, honey. Now tell us why you’re so upset.”

“I….I…” Mary struggled to catch her breath before answering. “I beat up Christopher Liddell.”

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Jenn said...

Dear Jesselise--
Please, please, PLEASE keep writing this story. I've never read an Alice-centric story before, but I *love* this. Partly because I'm a history buff and I love the references you weave into the story. Came to the story on via TLYDF; honestly, the title, referencing such a lovely and sad movie, was a main reason, but the prologue is what hooked me. I want, no, I *need* more Edith, Mary, Jimmy, Franny. I'd love to keep reading about Mary's childhood. I'd love it if Franny and Jasper meet again. And for Alice to meet Franny, her sister (as long as it takes place after the BD events). I can't believe English isn't your primary language, as your prose is lovely. You must communicate beautifully in your primary language (Espanol?), as well. OK, I sent a similar message as a PM on and I'll just wrap up now with a big THANKS for wrapping me up in Alice's early days.