Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Overdue

What's been going on with me? Well...

  1. I quit my job. Rather, I quit doing it full-time at least citing my growing concern for my grandparents whom, if you don't know by now, I happen to live with. My concern was valid as two days before my last day...
  2. My grandfather had a heart attack. At the hospital he was found to have prostate cancer which was caught too late - it has already spread to his other organs and spine.
  3. Right before then my cousin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (or, juvenile diabetes, as it was commonly called up to a few years ago).
  4. My father is also in the hospital for undisclosed reasons and will be there for a few months.
Bad things come in threes, right? So I'm hoping those are my three (since number one was my own doing and not a bad thing at all, all things considered).

What this means is I haven't been writing. Hell, I'm not even inspired to write. I have little blips of MFOG and then, bam, gone again. I have found time to try and organize my life which is easier said than done. Oh, and playing board games.

Look at that: in the game of life I'm a rich lesbian! If only...

Until next time!

♥ Jess

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