Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm alive, I'm a mess

Weeeeeeee! Hello!

I know I never got a chance to email you guys individually but to all the bloggers and C-Villers that worried about me and tried to help in any way possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it!!!

The ER/hospital was grand. Anemia sucks, people. Don't ever get it. I have to take 7 pills a day and if that doesn't work, hello blood transfusion. :(

The move is moving along quite nicely. The house has been appraised to value much more than we're paying for it so I dare say we got ourselves quite a deal.

My mother is also getting much better...well she was. Her worry over me and the stress of the house has gotten to her, methinks. But she's okay and so is my little brother.

And now for fibre related news:

I have FINALLY crocheted something. It's been about a month or two since I picked up my hooks and let me tell you, that first half hour hurt. It's almost as if a part of my body was exercising for the first time in years. Of course, once the ol' wrist got used to it, I was good to go and made a scarf...and another...and a bag...and I'm knitting a scarf...

And guess who finally caught on to the scrapbooking craze? :p

It's odd, I cannot craft while I'm depressed, but I can write. Just go look at my writing blog if you don't believe me. Weird.

In any case I will post up pictures in about an hour, swing by Crochetville, and prolly blast off a few comments on some blogs I've missed.

<3 Jess


Kari said...

Glad you're ok hun. *hugs*

Deneen said...

I was just thinking about you not an hour ago. So glad everything is better. Anemia does suck, I ended up have an 8 hour iron transfusion and it seems to have worked!

I am so happy you blogged. Love and hugs to you!

rincaro said...

Good to see you. Take care of yourself with that anemia. My mom had to do the transfusion thingy. Not fun.