Friday, December 07, 2007

It Was One Of Those Days

My cat got stuck in the Christmas tree.

I was woken up by my mother pounding on my door asking for help and screaming at my grandma. So I'm thinking there's a fire, grandpa's having a heartattack, the dog is foaming at the mouth...

Missy, the baby (3 months), climbed into the tree and promptly got the light cord wrapped around her leg, pinned to the trunk, and was screaming her head off. And of course anytime someone tried to get near her she would scratch and bite. Now, I got this tree last year because I hated the old one we got; it had individual branches you had to pop in and out. This one is just a big umbrella...

I would have killed to have that damn old one with the removable branches this morning. There was no way to get Missy free. Then my grandma (who kept making things worse) tried to get her free which I think only hurt her more. Lilly (who is the cat we got a few months ago) is protective of Missy so she was on top of the birdcage (next to the tree) trying to see what was going on. Which means the birds were squawking, the dogs were barking, and the grandparents were screaming. So then I reach in and at this point the poor thing is so terrified she lets out a howl. Then (oh, this is the good part) Lilly, apparently thought I was hurting her baby...

Lilly attacked me. So of course I'm now screaming, ornaments are flying, and the birdcage gets tipped over. I get Lilly off of me, return the birdcage to it's upright position, and lift Missy up to a higher branch so she can disentangle herself, which she does. My mom pulls her out of the tree, we check her leg, I give her a few kisses and cuddles, and she runs off to play with her scratching post. I've been keeping an eye on her and somehow she just doesn't seem that hurt. I think she was howling out of fear more than anything.

The damage; eight scratches, one bite (that did not break skin but hurts like a mofo), two tree branches bent beyond repair, 14 broken ornaments, one scared cat (Lilly, who after attacking me is hiding from me), one hungry kitty (Missy, who after all the commotion wants brunch), and one very jittery grandma I gave aspirin to.

After the adrenaline wore off, I had a pounding headache and went right back to bed until 1pm. I didn't even cook dinner tonight; we picked up a cooked chicken from the store. At least I'm almost done with the presents.


Until next time,
<3 Jess


Bakin Rapscallion said...

There's nothing like solving the world's problems while half asleep.

Was Missy wearing a tall, red and white-striped hat at the time?

Hopefully everything's back to normal.

And to all, a goodnight.

Jessica said...

Nope, no hat on Missy. I would have been more understanding if she were.

Everything is indeed fine again and things are calm.

Ah, I love the holidays.