Monday, March 03, 2008

Speaking Of Blue...

My favourite corner of the house belongs to the birds. We keep them in a Tudor-style cage which they know how to get out of. The birds, Nana and Panic!, used to fly around quite often. Their old age (9 yrs, give or take) has made them homebodies.

In other news, here are two dinners I've meant to post and then forgot about. The first is Stuffed Shells. I just used a simple ricotta mixture and some marinara sauce. I've posted the recipe here before, I just actually took the time to individually stuff each shell this time.

I served this on my favourite plate. If the company hadn't gone out of business I would have bought a whole stack of them. *shakes angry fist* Damn you, recession!

Tonight's dinner was a bit of a mix of things. I roasted some cornish hens seasoned with rosemary and lemon (my favourite combination) and served it on a bed of rice with some green beans. Then my mother requested biscuits and my grandmother made her amazing black beans with potatoes. Our plates couldn't decide if we were eating gourmet or a peasant meal but our mouths didn't complain.

I'm not skilled in the art of bread products but the biscuits were flaky. Next time I need to hold back on the butter and salt.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to try to catch up on my crochet. Dinner is a bit up in the air but steak is on everyone's minds. Steak fajitas, anyone?

Until next time,
<3 Jess

PS: Trying out new fonts. For some reason spacing hates me. I might be doing some funky stuff so bear with me for the next couple of days. Thanks!

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