Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mary, Full of Grace

So...I started a Twilight fanfic called Mary, Full of Grace. It's only two chapters in but I hope people give it a shot. Honestly, the thought of writing a story is terrifying. I don't have a stellar education, English is not my first language (or even the one I primarily speak at home), and I don't know where I'm going to squeeze time in. I must admit, however, that writing this has been the most fun I have had in months. This story has been begging to get out of me and hopefully I'll do it justice.

I'll be posting a teaser right after this. First I wanted to address some things that keep coming up. These are non-spoilers as far as I can tell. I'll be updating this frequently.


How often do you update?
I'm trying to update every two weeks.

Do you respond to every review?
Yes. I still have some prologue reviews to catch up on (about five) but after that, every review gets a reply and a teaser.

Why is the story starting in 1910 instead of 1901?
People might think that's a product of bad research but it's not. I know Alice is supposed to be born in 1901 (sorta, maybe, no one knows for sure). I love the idea of proving canon wrong. Alice is the only character we know almost nothing about pre-bite. The Lexicon has "1901?" next to Alice's birth date and the only other certain pre-Twilight date is 1948, when she meets Jasper. I think making the date completely wrong sends a strong message that we really don't know a thing about Mary Alice Brandon.

Will the entire story take place in the past?
I'm not sure. I've thought of maybe going back to Franny at some point in the middle but we'll see where the characters want to go.

What's with the dialects?
Biloxi was a melting pot of people, even back in 1910. It had Hispanic families, Black families, Cajuns, Southerners, you name it. Although I ran out of space to make it clear, the families in the story are diverse. For example, the Lopez's are Hispanic, and the Pleasants are African American. Some of the families are scholarly, some have never set a foot into a classroom. This leaves us with different styles of speaking. It's clear in the way Edith uses an mix of slang while Mr. Brandon is quite formal.

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