Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Easiest Chicken Noodle Soup Ever

When I'm sick, cold, tired, or just having an awful week, there is nothing more comforting than soup. I love it all: legumes, chilis, stews, broths, creams, soups of every texture and taste. The easiest soup of all though? The classic chicken noodle.

To share the recipe seems ridiculous because there isn't much of one. It's 12 cups of water, a can of low sodium chicken broth, enough adobo, parsely, salt, and pepper to season, two handfuls of wide egg noodles, three carrots, peeled and sliced, two celery sticks, sliced, and about two cups of cooked chicken (breast or dark meat, either is fine). Simmer for about 40 minutes. That's it.

I tend to like mine thick so I actually serve myself with a slotted spoon and then ladle some broth into my bowl.

Easiest comfort ever.

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SuperPennie said...

I absolutely love noodles. Especially when there's extra juice (I guess that's when it becomes noodle soup, right?). But I have to admit, if I'm ever to make noodles it is almost always those super cheap ones from Sainsburys. Instant noodles for 8p, what more could a person want? Lol.

Nice blog, I'll no doubt be back for another vist. I see you are a fan of Veronika Decides to Die too, that is in fact what brought me here =] Did you know they've made a film?