Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Joann's = Dangerous

Aluminum Crochet Hook Size D

Aluminum Crochet Hook Size G

Aluminum Crochet Hook Size F

Aluminum Crochet Hook Size H

Bernat-Animal Farm

Soft Boucle Yarn-Soft Rose

Satin Yarn-Sea Shell

Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn- Hot Orange

Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn- Hot Green

Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn- Hot Pink

Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn- Hot Blue

Sugar'n Cream Cotton Ombre Yarn-Playtime

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 8 oz Black (3)

Simply Soft Brites Yarn-Blue Mint

Simply Soft Brites Yarn-Limelight

Simply Soft Brites Yarn-Papaya

Simply Soft Brites Yarn-Watermelon

Satin Yarn-Ebony

Satin Yarn-Crimson

Spending Money I Don't Have
Evidence Exhibit 1

Guess what was the one thing I forgot to buy?? I'll give you a hint. Look at my "My Empire for a Yarn Needle" post. Yep. Forgot the damn yarn needle. *mutters* I also didn't get one thing on my wishlist. D'OH! Oh and I did make that kercheif I said I wasn't going to make. I am sooo sooo bad.

Really I blame Drew. Yes, blame you Drew. You and those dishcloths! I wanted cotton yarn...darn you Drew!
And when I say "darn you" I really mean thank you for being so inspiring. :) Same goes for all the other blogs I read. You people rock the casbah.


Rebecca said...

don't you hate that! forget the ONE thing you went in there for :)
makes me feel like such a dumbass. well, durn, guess you're gonna have to go back :D

~drew emborsky~ said...

I'm always happy to help! :D