Friday, October 05, 2007

Fuck Yeah! (Or Comics Are Love)

See that? That's Claudio Sanchez's signature. Fuck. Yes.

I had a beautiful day. If you live in the Tampa Bay area go check out Emerald City Comics and Collectibles. They have two locations, one in Clearwater and one in Seminole (addresses and maps located on website). I trekked to the one in Seminole today.

It wasn't too long of a drive on paper but traffic made it icky and it was a muggy day and I really should have taken more water.

Anyway, the whole point was to track down some copies of The Amory Wars so I could give away to some fans; see, I want to support this comic as much as possible and supporting it means buying as many copies as I can. I don't really need three sets of the series but you do what you can, right? Anyway, the staff is Emerald City is boss. They know their comics, they're friendly, they have free subscriber services, and I never felt like a total n00b, even though I am. They even listened to my suggestions on what to bring in (Deathnote, here we go!). Did I mention the stores have an amazing selection? This is just Iron Man and the beginning of the 'J' section.
Imagine my surprise when the guy at the front register said "Oh hey, Claudio shops here from time to time. We have autographed copies." I melted and told him to ring one up without a second thought. It's the variant cover too (see the very first picture). I'm peachy-motherfucking-keen right now, people.

I wish I could have stopped with one (or three comics) but I ended up buying a whole lot more.

Yes, that's JTHM and Ranma 1/2. Hey, it's not everyday a girl drives two towns over to buy comics; I stocked up. The really really cool part is that they have a bargain box next to the register and you get free comics for every X amount of money you spend. I'm not going to even mention how much money I dropped on these comics, I'll just say I got the bottom twelve (12) free. This is the part I hide my head in shame over. I definitely need more shelving in my room.

Oh before I forget, I saw this and I just had to stop the car to take a picture. It's a replica of a statue right next to a sewing store and a no parking sign. Brilliant.

Until next time <3 Jess

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