Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My baby, Poco

I took my doggie to the vet for what was supposed to be a simple check-up and nail trim. Instead I got news that Poco was going blind, had an ear infection and allergies. I was crushed. How did I not notice all of that?? Yes his ears seemed slightly red and his eyes would get a bit dirty but people assured me it was normal for a Shih Tzu since he has long hair that covers his eyes.

My poor baby. He'll be okay but I need to give him five different medicines two times a day. It's not a problem because I'd do anything for Poco but I'm sad. I feel like a bad mother. And it is my fault and I know that, besides the usual hugs and what not, I have not been taking care of him like I used to. Before I had the time to spend an hour a day checking him over, brushing his hair, trimming his nails, etc. I'm going to spend more time with him from now on. That's my promise.

He seems alright. He's playing with a toy and looks as happy as ever. I'm just taking this really hard. All my other projects are now on hold until I get into the routine of all this.

One day at a time.

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