Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Spongebob Sort Of Update.

So, as if I didn't have enough projects to do, I added one more. I'm going to spruce up the utility room. It's in my bedroom and, while it's a finished room, it's grey and just drab. So I bought Spongebob Wall Appliqués and a roll of Spongebob Wall Border. And no I didn't pay that much for that stuff.

The first thing to do is look for any holes or anything I need to sand down and repair on the walls. Then I'll add a nice ocean blue paint to the walls and make the inside of the shelves a nice yellow for accent. Then I'll put up the border and appliqués. I think it'll make the utility fun. I might even smile while doing laundry.

The items for SAL have been ordered and are taking forever to get here. *Taps fingers impatiently*

Yesterday was a very tiring day. I went food shopping...and it took six hours. $500 later I have enough food to feed a few armies. If I am careful this should last a month. I'll be making a menu so we stick to it and make the food last as long as possible. Now I need to go make a huge batch of sofrito to freeze.


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