Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shopping, Writing, And The Reason Cutting Ties Is So Goddamn Freeing

Today was such a pleasant day. One of those days I remembered there is more to life than finishing the pot roast by six pee-em sharp and making sure the silverware is shiny. I went for a ride today in a really crappy Ford and found pieces of myself scattered along HWY 19: I got my bedroom set from that store, I got lost at the next exit once, I used to take that bus, there's that crappy mexican place and the dumpster I once threw up in...Ah, so that's where I've been.

I went to Borders. Who knew salvation could be found in an overpriced chain bookstore? I found it in the glossy map section; laminated oversized illustrated maps that were cleary thought up to overstimulate the mind and cause children to have seizures right in the middle of social studies class. No matter, I picked the NYC one up anyway and found myself staring. The setting of the story of my life captured in a tacky 2D placemat complete with outdated drawings of the World trade Center towering over the streets. Underneath a caption, "As of September 10th 2001. See editor's note."

"Well, that should be fixed." I didn't turn around to greet the stranger, just nodded and pointed next to Yankee Stadium. "I used to live there," I said. He made a clicking sound with his tongue. "The Bronx. huh. Well, what are you doing?"
This time I turned around and raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing here, I meant." "Oh," I said, putting the map back on it's rack. "I don't know." He nodded and walked away. I went to the writing section and grabbed a dictionary and a book on common grammar mistakes. I almost grabbed a book on fleshing on characters but I'll save that for the library.

All in all I bought more books than I care to mention, more books than I honestly can afford but that's okay. What could be better than losing yourself in fiction after finding yourself in a bookstore?

Dinner was taken in at a good Mexican restaurant. Mmm jalapenos and some serious hot sauce. Three cheers for the inevitable 2am tummy cramps!

As for cutting ties...well, I did. It wasn't to be bitchy or make some kind of point, I just needed to get away from a constant source of negativity and whining. It hasn't been very long but the effects on my psyche are beginning to show themselves and I'm pleased. Sometimes when people act like children you have to pick your battles; this time I chose to just walk away. It was not worth it in any shape or form. Maybe I just need a breather but I'm not going to focus on it other than to write this blip. I do intend to keep in touch with people, though. Somehow...*strokes chin*

Anyhoo, I'm off to spend more plastic money and buy some supplies for SAL's enclosure. I'll be posting about that again soon. I'm also considering turning half of my bedroom into a mural. Yes? No? Maybe so? While searching for artistic inspiration maybe I'll get a story idea for the newest Edit Red challenge. I hope so.

Until next time <3


Bakin Rapscallion said...

I don't mean to post comments so often--it's just that you make it so easy. Your writing is so freeing. You put so much warmth in describing the simplest things--things most people tend to ignore. You have great interests, and are of great interest. You definitely appear to be both tame to the touch and wild-hearted.
Yes, Tijuana Flats is a good--dare I say great.

Jessica said...

Thank you for the compliment! I like your comments; I'm starting to look forward to them whenever I post :D

I left a comment in your post about Moes. All this Mexican food talk made me whip up a batch of nachos!

Anonymous said...

You're a bitch.