Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cozy Bag

The Cozy Bag

Why yes, this is a tease. :D This is the bag that matches the Vibe Cozy everyone is always asking about. Toy goes in cozy & contraceptives, etc go in this one. See, safe sex can be awesome AND stylish.

The vibe cozy will be put up next week. Because I DO have to make you guys suffer and wait for it.
ETA: This is Skacel Sizzle in "Orange." Yum.


Deneen said...

That's adorable-what yarn did you use?

Make me suffer, go ahead. I also want to see some pics of the Serafina you're working on-

rincaro said...

Oooh. I second deneen's question - what's the yarn? Super cute!

Jessica said...

Skacel Sizzle in Orange. Dunno why it's named Orange. Personally I'd call it rainbow sorbet....but maybe that's why I'm unemployed hahaha.