Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ugh! Damn Camera

So I finally took pictures of everything. In fact, I'm in such a good mood today I even made two more vibe cozies while watching Dawson's Creek reruns. I did two rows of my shawl too. And what happens? My camera dies. Oh oh but that's not all. I could at least scan in the vibe cozy flat, right? Nope, that died too. Sigh. I think the electrical devices in my home are plotting against me. And it's way too hot to find the turtle, move her to safe spot so I don't hurt her while moving the desk, drag the antique desk forward to check connections and everything and then fiddle around with wires. Without AC? In this heat? With my asthma? Pfft. The pictures can wait. I will be more of a tease and say:

  • The cozies look beautiful...well, as beautiful as a cozy for a vibrator can look haha
  • The shawl is coming out very nicely. It's teal and man, I love teal
  • I lost not one, but BOTH of my I/9 hooks which means serefina is on hold. Arg. The puppies must have the hooks.
  • I dyed the Chez Spun Deenen sent me. It's a gorgeous pink/melon/purple mix. Sigh. I love Kool-Aid.
Oh and I can finally spill the secret project for my online store thingy....*drum roll* Dust bunnies. Yep, I am crocheting furry little dust bunnies. They're all modeled after real breeds of rabbit, have fun names, distinct looks (there's a punk dust bunny, for example) and they all come in a mock vaccum bag adorned with my stores logo. The mock vacuum bags are sewed from muslin. Cute, right???? Ugh, I was so looking forward to sharing too. Damn camera.

Well here's hoping that tonight it gets cooler and I can post all this fun stuff. Oh and for anyone that reads my zine, issue number four is almost done. I'll be selling that on the site too.'Tis all.

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Deneen said...

You are purposely torturing me aren't you???!!!!!

Dust bunnies sound wickedly cool!