Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I was RAOK'ed!!

I got a wonderful box chock full of big squares of felt. Thank you, kind stranger! I can not wait to start a new project with them. I've been aching to work with felt for a while. They put their address on the box (at least I hope it's the right address) so I can at least send them a thank you note. I'm one of those old fashioned people who think a gift whould always be followed by a thank you note. In fact, I have a few thank you notes and packages to send out this week. I've been a little late on stuff due to taking care of my mum. She's much better and has been back at work and what-not but she's still a bit weak/tired. Anyway...

I GOT MY SECRET PAL GIFT!!! I was blessed twice in one week, who would have known! I recieved quite a lot of roving, a drop spindle, 3 balls of DMC senso thread, some Burt's Bees foot stuff and Spin it! by someone who's name escapes me at the moment. I am so excited! I even began spinning some yarn already. Um...yeah I have a lot to learn hahaha. I know there is no such thing as scrap roving (because any of it can be spun into something) But I did to something nice with a tiny bit of roving I didn't know what to do with. Behold!

The Hoity Toity Roving Bracelet and Crown Charm
Because I'm a princess, yes I am.

By the way, SP, I don't know if you did it on purpose but you know the bigger peices of roving you gave me? The blue/green and the natural? Well the blue/green one matches my hair EXACTLY! Even the way it's blended looks like my hair. I can't wait to spin it up and maybe make myself a felted hat or something. And you know the natural one is just begging for dye :D

I feel so happy. I've only been at crochetville a month or two but I feel like if I've been there much much longer. It's wonderful.


rincaro said...

Very cool! I've been dying to learn to spin. But I have to get more FO's under my belt first.

Lynlee said...

OOH!!! Pretty bracelet! How dare you show it off and make me wanna learn to spin even more than I did before!