Thursday, June 02, 2005

You Spin, I Spun

Mellow Yellow yarn

Spinning is so much fun! I think I'm getting better. I'm still inconsistent but I think it looks okay. I can't wait to ply it and use it. The only thing is, I dunno how to get the twist to set. Spin It! says to steam it so I guess I gotta figure out a way to do that. Oohh I'm excited!


Deneen said...

I have Spin It! and a drop spindle, but haven't spun yet. This summer, I promised myself.

Anyway, I saw that RebeccaV and Marvie both wet their wool and wrapped it in a towel absorb the moisture and hung it to dry.

I know Rebecca uses a niddy noddy (which I don't have and want), but I also saw Andrea used a hanger and wrapped the spun yarn around it and hung it to dry.

Have I helped? I doubt it, but C'ville does have a lot of tips in their spinning section.

Deneen said...


I sent you an e-mail with two different sets of instructions on what to do-good luck!