Friday, January 16, 2009

Abrigo Shawl

Abrigo Shawl from back

I finally finished the Abrigo Shawl. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mother but she found out about it and, though I finished it in time for the holidays, I lost steam. A few days ago I finally blocked it and presented it to my mother. She adores it.

Kyle is modeling the back of it in this picture. I'm unsure of whether I should bother to post the pattern but I think I will sometime next month.


Deneen said...

It's very nice and if you need a pattern tester, I would be happy to test it for you.

Laura said...
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Mom said...

I love your shawl!! I was wondering if you were still going to write the pattern? I would also be happy to test it for you.