Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nachos or Something Like 'Em

I love nachos. I do. I love tortilla chips, I love salsa, I love beans, and I love cheddar cheese. Put those together and it's enough to send my senses into a happy overdrive. comfort food which is why this morning, when I so desperately needed a bit of comfort, I madeIt's also a damn good myself a bowl with ground beef, cheese, beans, salsa, and hot sauce. Nachos for breakfast? Yes I am aware that dietitians everywhere are feeling a disturbance in the force as I type. Have no fear, it was a small serving...really. *coughs* Horrible picture, delicious food.

Speaking of horrible pictures, my camera has begun picking up a lot of noise. I think it's time to clean the lens and read the owner's manual.

I've found a new muse, so to speak. In the past twenty four hours I've worked on three pieces of art with Dorothy on them. No, not from the Wizard of OZ, I mean the one from Big O. If you haven't watched that series, you should. Anyway, I love Dorothy's cold nature and thought it'd be fun to do some artwork with her and make her a bit warmer. To the left is a drawing on newsprint with marker I altered in GIMP, which is a free photo editing software much like photoshop. I also drew the same image onto a cigar box purse and onto a 11 x 14 canvas to be fully painted with acrylics. Today I'm going to try to work with her in a sitting position; her hands are becoming a pain to work with but I think I just put too much thought into it.

My art desk is a real mess and a half, by the way. If you go see the photo on flickr, read the notes to see what everything is. I managed to tidy it up last night but it's just going to get messy again today when I open up my paints so I am not sure why I bothered. C'est la vie.

Dinner tonight is tropical chicken soup. Hopefully my camera starts behaving.

Until next time,


Bakin Rapscallion said...

Nachos are good anytime.

vorilee said...

Very pretty drawing!!