Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting and Reptiles Go Together...

...I think. Perhaps not but they seemed to define my evening.

Upon my way home from food shopping I saw three reptiles around my bedroom window- two frogs, a baby and an adult, and one lizard. The baby frog hopped away before I could get a good picture but I did manage to get decent ones of the adults (see above pics).

After making some BLTs for dinner (which I didn't think were interesting enough for a post of their own) I settled down for a bit of knitting. I happen to knit with very little, if any, thought as to what it is I am making. I suppose right now I'm making a scarf. I want it to be a gift but the friend in mind works in a professional environment and I suspect she might find it childish. But everyone needs a fun fuzzy scarf, right?

ETA: I forgot to mention what kind of yarn this is. It's two yarns worked together, both Lion Brand: Incredible in "City Lights" and Fancy Fur in "Electric Slide". I'm using sz 10 needles.

Hmm. I'll finish the scarf and see what my family thinks. Worse case scenario I'd find use for it, I'm sure. If i make another scarf with the same yarn but in a different colour I could make a striped pillow or rug...See, ideas never stop. By the way, one side looks a bit wonky but there's nothing wrong with the knitting. I was just too lazy to take a good picture.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to wrap presents, drop by the bank, and do some majour cleaning in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's dinner quite a bit: Cornish hens stuffed with rosemary and lemon, served with a garlic sauce and a rice pilaf. Mango sorbet with lemon slices finishes off the meal.

I can't wait!

Until next time,
<3 Jess


Bakin Rapscallion said...

1. I love how you use the royal "u", as in majour or favourite.
2. What material is that scarf?
3. You've inspired me to post my reptile pick.

Jessica said...

I'm not sure why I do that. When I was younger my grandma had a huge assortment of different books including several in other languages. When I was learning English I think I used books and dictionaries that were written overseas so the "u" was there. It stuck.

The scarf is two yarns worked together both of them are synthetic; nylon and polyester. They're soft and fun.