Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Material, New Look

In case you haven't noticed, WiF has a new look; a nice mellow background colour and font that is easier to read. I think it's a nice change from the black and red, which is proof my teenage angst has run its course.

Furthermore I've decided to make this my blog of choice. All my other blogs are on hiatus and feature links to this one. I'm just too absentminded to keep switching back and forth to post in each one. My real life is obviously not that separated so why should my blog be? From now on this is my blog, everything you've never wanted to know about me in one smart, little Google feature. I have used the nifty labeling add on in order to make sifting through my posts easier. If you want to look at just cooking, click on "cooking." If you want to read my writing, click on "writing." (Truth be told I don't have much writing on here...but that's for another post).

I hope this makes my blog easier to read. If anyone has any suggestions or just wants to say hello, leave a comment.

Until next time
<3 Jess

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