Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where To Find My Writing

If you look over at my labels I don't have anything for my writing. No I haven't stopped or gotten rid of anything, I just never used this blog for creative writing purposes. Since I don't intend to transfer all of those posts here (that would take days) I will link to two places you can find my work.

The first is my defunct writing blog Ink to Bark. I actually really liked having a writing blog but I find it hard to keep it updated. For now it will stay up so anyone wanting to read old posts is free to do so.

The second is my EditRed profile. I am still a member and will be updating this often as well as participating in challenges, commenting on others' work, etc etc. If you're an ER member drop me a line so I can add you to my reader list.

Any new writing will be posted in this blog and under a " my writing" label. Anything that is not written by me will be under some other label ("literature" perhaps).

Until next time
<3 Jess

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